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How to use sublimation offset transfer printing ink?

How to use sublimation offset transfer printing ink?

Use Method of Sublimation Offset printing Ink

The printing process is very simple and resembles exactly to normal process of Offset Printing. How do we use sublimation offset inkprint something on offset paper using offset printing machine ?

you just need only 3 steps:

      1.Put the image on paper(need offset paper of 80 grams) .

       First, you should print the image on the paper through the offset printing machine, but please note it , the color in paper is diffirent from the real color on the cloth(polyester and nylon fabric), after transferring with sublimation offset ink.

    2.Put the printed paper on substrates , such as polyester and nylon fabric .

After offset printing, put the printed paper on the surface of the substrates and with printed surface facing downwards on the surface of substrates .

3.Put both the paper and substrates on the heat press.

By heating and pressure is applied using a heat press.And the transfer temperature is 190-220 degree, transfer time is 10-40 seconds. The ink sublimates i.e. converts to gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface, thus transferring image.

2 . Schematic of use method of sublimation Offset Ink

Given below is a schematic of sublimation transfer printing ingredients which will help you understand it in a better sense.

  1.Sublimation offset printing ink

 2. An offset printing machine

various kinds offset printing machine are Available , such as single-color, dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine. Be able to adapt to the  demand for middle-speed or high-speed printing.

  3. offset paper or art paper

offset paper also known as glazed printing paper or wood free paper which does not absorb the ink and thus helps in transferring maximum ink onto the surface of the immpritables.

The more wood pulp in the paper ,the better the effect of transfer printing .

4. heat press ( use to supply heat and pressure )

A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and heavy pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded  into the product.

5. imprintables - also known as substrates (the surface on which image is to be transferred). such as polyester fabric ,nylon fabric , t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, tote bags, mugs ,porcelain ,flags, aprons , Biking Jerseys , Team Uniforms and more.

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