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TOP Advanced 1kg/tin Offset Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink

TOP Advanced 1kg/tin Offset Sublimation Transfer Printing Ink

Zhongliqi Sublimation Offset Ink was designed for offset printing. It was used on all kinds offset printing machine  such as single-color , dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine .Be adaptable to the demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing.  For our thermal sublimation ink,first print image on paper,second put the paper on fabric,and then press the paper with transfer machine.Under the temperature about 190°C-220°C,the ink on paper will become gas and go into fabric.So the image will be from paper to fabric.

Strong Point of Zhongliqi Offset Sublimation Ink

 1) This sublimation ink is safe for the environment and has no harm to skin . It does not belong  to corrosives .

 2) There is no accumulation of ink on the rolls and the number of machine washings is greatly reduced.

 3) Black is very intense and gives good coverage without domination of the other colours .

 4) With high printing performance and outcome .

 5) Have no skinning within 36 hours.

Typical Uses of  Zhongliqi Offset Sublimation Ink

Biking Jerseys, Team Uniforms , Fashion T-Shirts , Garments , Custom Roll Textiles , Flags , Banners , Tradeshow Booths and Displays , Casino Tables , Casino Chips , Surfboards , Skateboards , Snowboards , Skies , Custom Furniture , Interior Design , 3D dye sublimation applications , sublimation aluminum sheet , key rings , display products , plates , mugs , ceramic etc.

Use Method of Zhongliqi Offset Sublimation Ink

 1) The first part is very simple and resembles exactly to normal process of offset printing . Precisely in the same manner, we

offset print the artwork (as mirror image) on the offset paper using sublimation offset ink .

 2) Put the printed paper on substrates,such as polyester and nylon fabric .

      After offset printing, put the printed paper on the surface of the substrates , and with printed   surface facing downwards on the surface of substrates.

 3) Put both the paper and substrates on the heat press.

      And heat ,time and pressure is applied using a heat press. The ink sublimates i.e. converts to  gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface, thus transferring image.

 4) Finally ,take out paper and fabric from heat press ,the final product will be born.

Step 1 Produce Film


Step 2 Transferred the image from the film to PS plate


Step 3 PS Plate


Step 4 Prepare the side offset transfer paper


Step 5 Print the ink from PS plate to transfer paper


Please be noted:Usually when print the ink into the sided offset ink,first,usually print black color,then cyan color,magenta and last yellow!That's is B-C-M-Y!But for this PPT,it is M-C-B-Y.The right order should be B-C-M-Y!But also should be depends on your requirements!

Step 6 Put the printed paper on substrate,such as polyester and nylon fabric.And then Put the paper and fabric on the heat-transfer machine.When the temperature reaches 180-220°C. After 10-40s,the image will be transfer printed from paper onto the fabric.


Technical Parameter of Our Offset Sublimation Ink

1.Apply to single-color,two-color and multi-color offset printing machine which supply single paper once.

2.Transfer Paper:coated paper,coating paper,offset paper,or cardboard.

3.Transferred materials can be fabric,cotton,mug,metal,wood,ceramic and etc.Fabric can be transferred directly,other materials need sublimation coating.

4.Color Series:magenta,yellow,

Our Suggestion Before Use Our Offset Sublimation Ink

Before use the ink,play a sample plate printing,if the deviation is not great,and then determinethe comp engraving and printing.Because sublimation ink for gas coloring so can not according to the proportion of ordinary printing Fapai printing.

a. To get 50%C on fabric,the color on paper should be 30%C;

b. To make red PS-plate,the ratio is 100%M and 35%-40%Y;

c. To make blue PS-plate,the ratio is 100%C and 20%M;

d. To make green PS-plate,the ratio is 80%C and 90%Y;

e. To get yellow like Asian skin,the ratio is 10%~11%M and a little cyan.Cyan can be adjusted according to your requirment.

Product Name

Sublimation Offset Ink

Brand Name




Available Color

Cyan , Magenta ,Yellow , Black

Shelf Life

3 years

Printing Type

Offset transfer printing




1kg/tin  , 12tin/carton



Supply Capability

1000000kg per month

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