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Offset printing paper empty Zhang cause of the problem and solution

Offset printing paper empty Zhang cause of the problem and solution

Offset printing paper empty Zhang cause of the problem and solution

1.The distance between the nozzle of a stack of paper and paper separation is too large a distance, tissue paper separating the nozzle in the lowest position when the underside surface of the paper heap about 6 8mm, thick paper about 2-3mm. When the score sheet nozzle of the paper stack surface distance is too large, if the vacuum pump is not enough, is prone to empty sheets.
Workaround: ① to shorten the length of the foot lever to press the paper, printing paper separation nozzle with stacks of paper surface distance decreases; ② adjust the paper separation nozzle rod side eccentric, lower the height of the paper separation nozzle.
2, paper drag tip downward curl drag the tip downward curled, loose paper blowing mouth to blow the airflow is not easy to be separated from the paper into the paper gap due to the paper. Points paper Xizui down suction paper, paper roll, easy to produce the nozzle air leakage, while the suction up the paper.
 Workaround: ① printing, adjust the adjusting screw on the score sheet cylinder, change the angle of the nozzle underside of the score sheet, so to maintain the parallel with the paper; ② the paper to move down a positive knock on paper processing.

3, the distance is too large paper delivery nozzle between the stacks of paper surface.
          Workaround: adjust the level of the paper delivery nozzles printing paper delivery nozzle at the lowest position, the underside of the stack of paper surface distance: SZ201-type feeding device is about 1.5mm; the the SZ206 type of feeding device is about 5mm. The level of the paper delivery nozzle can be individually adjusted, and also the overall regulation. (See above)
4.Block paper brush is too low, or inserted into a stack of paper too. Paper brush block and loose paper mouthpiece closely with the loose paper blowing mouth air flow is normal, it can the edge of the paper after blowing open the lift is about 5mm high, which is the block of paper brush leave the paper stack should be the distance . When the paper points nozzle down to suck the paper, the paper just turns to be blown up, or a 2mm higher than the paper one. Block paper, brush the weight is too low, the paper blowing lift can not afford, thus increasing the points Paper nozzle to the distance of the paper, resulting in empty sheets; sometimes block paper brush into his too much while the nozzle of the score sheet suck the paper but it can also be brush flick, resulting in empty sheets.

       Workaround: printing block paper brush elastic medium, its height and inserted into the stack distance adjustment as described above, data.
5, the gas plug gas blocked the vast majority generated in the suction system. Obstruction from the paper, hair and dust, and most of blockage in the suction nozzle pipe and control piston section within. Piston grease, paper, hair and dust sucked there was grease stick, and piled up, and finally plug the suction atmosphere road, resulting in insufficient suction empty sheets.
Workaround: printing regular cleaning gas line and the control piston, printed on rough paper machine should be cleaned once a week.

6 suction insufficient. Caused by the suction will result in empty sheets paper delivery nozzle is particularly serious due to the accumulation of ink on the nozzle and rubber band or rubber band wear rupture, leak in the suction of paper.
Workaround: printing strengthen inspection and do the cleaning work, especially before a printed color field, printing the next color in particular, should pay attention to.

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