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Zhongliqi offset sublimation transfer printing ink

Zhongliqi offset sublimation transfer printing ink

1.How does ZHONGLIQI Sublimation heat transfer Ink Work?

ZHONGLIQI Sublimation Offset Ink was designed for offset printing. It was used on all kinds offset printing machine  such as single-color , dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine .Be adaptable to the demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing.  For our sublimation offset ink,first print image on paper,second put the paper on fabric,and then press the paper with transfer machine.Under the temperature about 190°C-220°C,the ink on paper will become gas and go into fabric.So the image will be from paper to fabric.

2.Advantages of ZHONGLIQI Sublimation heat transfer Ink Ink

Our sublimation ink belongs to envieonmental ink.With our ink,the image will not fall off,cracking and fading.It will be more colorful and abrasion resistance,light fastness.It is used for a variety of domestic and imported offset printing,and its excellent performance won the praise of users throughout all over the world.

3.Use Method of ZHONGLIQI Sublimation heat transfer Ink Ink

Apply to single-color, two-color and multi-color offset printing machine which supply single paper once. Available paper are chrome paper, coated paper, offset paper, and cardboard. Transferred materials can be fabric, cotton, mug, metal, wood, ceramic and etc. Fabric can be transferred directly, other materials need sublimation coating.

4.Printing Advantages of ZHONGLIQI Sublimation Offset Printing Ink

1.Excellent ink-water balance.

2.Dot reproduction clear.

3.Complete solid fast.

4.Good stability on the machine.

5.The printing process just needs 3 steps

1. Print the image on paper,and normal paper is ok.

2. Put the printed paper on substrate,such as polyester and nylon fabric.

3. Put the paper and fabric on the heat-transfer machine.When the temperature reaches 180-220°C, the image will be transfer printed from paper onto the substrate.

Main Characteristics

Inks suitable for the decoration of synthetic fabrics using the sublimation transfer technique.Transfer sublimation printing is a procedure in which particular dyes are first stamped on paper, or other suitable material, and with the application of heat to the printing, a mirror image is then transferred onto textile articles.

 Application Fields

Synthetic fabric for clothing.

Synthetic fabric for furnishings.

Decoration of pretreated materials.


Printing Techniques

OFFSET (one color, two color and four color machines)

Specific Supports

Coated paper, chrome paper and calendered paper from 90 gr/m² with dimensional stability.

Suitable Fabrics

Polyester fabric.

Triacetate fabric

Nylon fabric.

Acrylic fabric.

Polypropylene nitrile.

Parameters for the Transfer

Temperature: 200° - 220° C.

Time:10 – 40 seconds.

Storage Indications

Products in their original unopened containers maintain their characteristics for three year if stored in a well ventilated place with a temperature between + 5° and + 40°C.Products opened, but immediately closed after use, have a shelf life of at least 12 months

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